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A Superlative Attorney possessing great Character, Genuineness and Sympathetic to your situation – S. Posted Feb. 2015

            Overall rating: Excellent

Victoria transcends the stereotypes one associates with Attorneys. Professionally, her skills are superlative. She has the keen ability to deeply investigate details so as to arrive at a conclusion that involves extremely great thought and intellectual processes. She submerges herself deeply into your case and creates a battle plan which is substantiated by laws and case history. Another important trait is PASSION. She fights for you and she really Cares about your legal issues and is relentless in her pursuit of a positive conclusion. She has no fear of her adversaries and refuses to be “tricked” or “intimidated” by the opposition and she uncloaks what I refer to as deceptive practices by your opposition. To me, this is something lacking in most legal professionals. In addition to her insight and composure, there is a deep level of care, concern, and kindness. I have been in her office when she was consulting others and I have seen her immerse herself in her work. She also is neither presumptuous nor condescending and she always makes time for you. Her approachability is readily apparent as seen by the diverse composition of her clientele. She has worked with me on various legal topics. Furthermore, she makes herself available and is a fierce negotiator as well. I would not be hesitant in entering a legal imbroglio with her by your side.

Excellent & Fearless Professional Service you expect & need from an experienced Lawyer Posted by A.M.S.M., Jan. 2015

Overall rating: Excellent

I rate and recommend Ms. Brown extremely highly. She recently handled a very stressful and loaded litigation matter for me as plaintiff. I in fact had been with another attorney who had pulled out in part due to the complexity of the matter and my position in it. My claim was a mixture of contracts, estate law, landlord tenant, and a host of other issues, including equitable considerations and elements of unjust enrichment (at my expense up until then). The Bay Ridge lawyer (a defendant) who put me into that unsuspecting position was already suspended by the Surrogate Court (Richmond Cty). I lost a lot of money, time, and energy until then. I’m so glad I hired her, referred to me by another friend. Victoria was efficient, aggressive and thorough in her research, understanding and explanations to me as well as via her confident and strong liaising with the numerous defendants involved (all who were much “bigger” than me!). With Victoria there were never any surprises from her from beginning to end, including what she was charging which I knew on a prompt, informed and regular basis. Victoria is a tough attorney when it’s called for while earning the respect she gets and deserves at all times. She is also a sensitive., flexible and totally likable attorney and appreciates the dimensions which may not fit nicely into the realm of legal complaint and compensation, but she does her best to acknowledge those elements and seek redress for any legally actionable part to the fullest extent possible. Victoria Brown has been practicing for some time and definitely has fantastic staying power in her style and delivery in terms of her commendable level of representation throughout the most complex of cases. She even managed to spare me further stress and expense by achieving a desired settlement on this matter for me and getting me a check n hand, inside of a year. Bravissima!

Highly recommended legal professional Posted by Margarita, a client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my General Practice matter.I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.Victoria is a competent and knowledgeable attorney with legal expertise in a broad array of legal fields. She is personable and responsive to clients’ concerns and issues. I had the pleasure of interning for Victoria and also in retaining her for a personal matter. She is a wonderful mentor and a model fellow attorney. I highly recommend Victoria and you can be assured you will have the best legal professional in New Jersey handling your matter.


Excellent Attorney Posted by Zaid, a Libel client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Libel / Slander matter.Victoria is a sharp and caring attorney. She was generous with her time and went to great efforts to understand the nuances of the case before offering a pointed plan of action if retained. She has solid grasp of internet-related cases(something few attorneys do; and I’ve talked to many). I’d recommend her to friends in a heartbeat while retaining her myself whenever a need arises.

Posted by Cherilyn, a Litigation client, Jan. 2013

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Litigation matter. Victoria is a capable and competent attorney with legal knowledge in a broad array of issues. She is personable and excellent at communicating with clients and fellow attorneys. I am highly recommending Victoria and you can be assured you will have a the best legal advice available given by a warm and caring professional.


Great and Versatile Attorney Posted by Vytas, a Business client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Business matter. I have had the pleasure of knowing Victoria Brown both professionally and socially for almost 30 years. In my tax practice, I have had occasions where our clients need an attorney to draw a will, close on real estate, represent in bankruptcies, handle surrogate court matters, etc. Victoria is always up to any challenge I may call her with.


Highly Recommended Attorney – Victoria Brown Posted by Ron, a Business client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Business matter. We had the pleasure of having Victoria represent our interests in three very different cases. In all instances she provided excellent advise, demonstrated a superb understanding of the law and was very strategic in her filings and dealings with both judges and arbitrators. It is also important to note that attorney Brown was victorious in all three cases, one of which was against a very large and well established legal organization on the east coast. She was very strong with her knowledge of the law and superb in dealing with the chess game tactics of a much larger firm. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Victoria as a highly qualified lawyer and a passionate advocate of her clients.


Great Experience! Posted by Andrew, a Commercial Real Estate client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Commercial matter. Victoria Brown has been my attorney for the past 13+ years. She has handled everything from litigation, business/real estate transactions, lease negotiations to collections. Victoria Brown has been extremely responsive and knowledgeable! Hands down, Victoria Brown has been a great asset to my companies….I highly recommend Victoria Brown as an attorney!


GREAT ATTORNY! Posted by Elizabeth, a Real Estate client, about a year ago

Overall rating:  Excellent. Victoria handled my Real Estate matter.I have known Victoria Brown for the past 20 years, both in a personal and professional capacity. Her professional qualifications both in knowledge and application of the law are of the highest order. She is outstandingly ethical and tenacious. My family and I have been completely satisfied with her successful representation over the years. On a personal level, I can unequivocally state I greatly value her support and friendship as well as her concern, advice and empathy.


An honest lawyer that is tuff yet fair Posted by Paul, a Contracts client, 2014

Overall rating:  Excellent

Victoria handled my Contracts / Agreements matter.Victoria is both personable and professional, she has a fun casual attitude yet very serious when it came to my contract issues. She won me a very difficult contract case with the Disney company where at the end both Disney and my firm were equally happy with the results, a true win-win. I feel working with her was not just a place of her telling me what to do, however we worked together to solve the details in the process. When I hire anyone I want to create a long term relationship and that is what we have, I highly recommend her services and have done so over the past.